/21 Struggles Only Skinny Girls Will Understand

21 Struggles Only Skinny Girls Will Understand

While it’s considered rude to walk up to an overweight person and comment on their weight, most people consider it “fair game” to comment on the weight of a naturally skinny woman. Aside from being told “you need more meat on your bones” and being compared to a twig and toothpicks, there are a variety of other problems only skinny girls understand. Here’s just a few I’ve encountered in the 33 years I’ve been a lady who’s thin:


  1. Strangers asking “Do you eat?” and having people tell you to eat something all the time.
  2. Trying to find pants that fit in the waist but are long enough in the leg.
  3. Hearing people would “love to have your problem” and that you have no reason to be insecure or complain because you’re skinny.
  4. Skinny legs make your feet look huge.
  5. Uncushioned chairs and benches hurt your buttbone.
  6. Not being able to donate blood because you don’t reach the 110 pound weight requirement.
  7. People saying they’re scared to hug you because they might break you.
  8. Always. Needing. Belts.
  9. The assumption that you have an eating disorder, as if looks can diagnose mental health.
  10. Being told to be careful when it’s windy outside because you might just blow away.
  11. People joking about your weight, as if it’s not just as hurtful as making a fat joke to someone who is overweight.
  12. Wearing the same size bra you wore in middle school.
  13. No one believing when you say you love food or that you eat a lot and being asked to prove it all of the time.
  14. Being known as “the skinny one.”
  15. People asking you why you workout, as if being skinny means you’re automatically healthy or not into athletics.
  16. Not having the curves to fill out some fashionable clothes and being told “0” isn’t a real size.
  17. Needing drawstrings on yoga pants because the elastic won’t hold them up.
  18. Not being able to gain weight no matter what you do, and people rolling their eyes when you voice this frustration to them.
  19. Feeling cold all. the. time.
  20. Being told “real women have curves” and “guys don’t like stick figures,” as if you have to shame one type of body to celebrate another.
  21. Explaining that skinny is sexy. Curvy is sexy. But most of all, confidence is sexy — regardless of the size.



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