/10 Best New Year Resolutions to Make And Achieve This Year

10 Best New Year Resolutions to Make And Achieve This Year

Another year to welcome and celebrate; another opportunity to show you trendy and techie. Here are the best 10 New Year Resolutions, to make you look fitter, better and confident both physically and emotionally. This is also the time to make resolutions to bring some change in your lifestyle. From getting up early, working out in the gym, and making perfect financial plans, you have lots of choices.


  •  Your Wardrobe will be free from the goal weight clothes:

Your weight loss is a long journey, and you cannot imagine it to happen in a couple of weeks. Many recommend stocking the wardrobe with the goal weight clothes. Do not force yourself to shed weight to fit into some clothes. Trendy clothes of bigger sizes are available in from all brands. Get fashion trends and tips from right places, and look trendy as your physique allows.

  • Move towards your goal weight:

While being overweight should not harm your confidence levels, do not think that you can carry the extra pounds around easily. Take smaller steps that are easy to stick to. Say, you would use the steps to go to your office in 3rd floor, instead of elevator for 4 days a week. This certainly will have an impact.

  • Healthy foods to heal thyself:

Fatty foods, oily foods, and calorie laden foods, should be only a portion of the fresh and healthy foods. This is one of the tough resolutions to keep up with. So, make it easy. Favourite foods are allowed once a week, if they are not too healthy.

  • Sunrise is great:

The tranquil morning, when the sun gets ready for a 9 to 6 job is the most blissful hour. Try to get a glimpse of the dawn’s sun, and you will long for the next sunrise. It will keep you calm, and your lack of time excuse would fade off from your mind.

  • Get rid of comfort zone:

Taking a challenge is how you know what you are capable of. Make your travel destinations unique and exhume your adventures inner self.

  • A big career move:

Your career move need not be a big leap, but should at least show others you are perfect for the next role. It does not mean you need to grow wealthy because of your move, but you should pose confident on the mirror.

  • Spend some “me time”:

Have you written stories in school days? Was bungee jumping your hobby? Unearth your hobbies, and give yourself the ‘me time’, at least twice a month. Get a spa treatment or beauty treatment, and rejuvenate yourself.

  • Detox your mind:

Your friends turned against you, and do you brood over it? No, they neither need you, nor deserve the precious hours. Take their names from your contact list from the phone, email box, and your mind too.

  • Holiday for gadgets:

These overworking gadgets strive for a break! Please grant them a day off once in a month in the least. You will feel fresh, regardless of your BlackBerry or MacBook feels. Spend those great hours with your family.

  • Detox the workspace:

If you can think that you can stick to all the above 9 resolutions, but not this one, you are one among the millions. But this is no excuse to keep a filthy workspace. A clean workspace lets you work peacefully, and cleaning it takes not more than an hour.


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